Welcome To Keep The Eats!

Hello Everyone!

I travel the world documenting local life, which often includes local food, culture and the like. I have always done this on my own, sharing with friends etc… however I love it so much, that I decided to share with everyone else. When people travel, they usually want to know place to go, places to try, what to do. As I pass through various cities, I will attempt to document my findings here. Take note… I don’t talk about places that I don’t like, or have had a bad experience. I feel sometimes establishments simply have a bad day, and sometimes need time to get a good things in order. I certainly hope you enjoy this page, and you can also follow me on my instagram: @keeptheeats or my Facebook!

I plan to start talking about my Travels to Taiwan, which really opened up the world to me. Taiwan with their spirited, engaging people & culture is a great place to start experiencing travel. It is easy to get around, the people are friendly & the food is amazing & may slowly get you outside of your comfort zone. Stay tuned as I take you on my journey through Taiwan.



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