The Beauty if Taiwan.

In beginning this blog, I feel I need to go to back in time, and visit a place that changed my perspective on the world forever. I have traveled mainly in the US, since the age of 19 (33 now). This time last year, one of my best friends invited me to accompany him back to Taiwan. He taught English back in his college years, and was heading back to visit old friends.

One friend that should be noted later, was his host mom, whom had one of the most vibrant, welcoming personalities I have ever known.

This is a food and travel blog, with an emphasis on food, however the people tend to be the ones that meld it all together. Taiwan was my first travel experience, that took me beyond the boarders of North America.

Most people usually go to London, Canada or someplace easy for their first experience, but through my best friend telling me stories about Taiwan for several years, I knew this was the opportunity I could not pass up.

This city changed my life, changed my career & bolstered my love for food and culture.

Welcome to my Journey, and this Journey starts with Taiwan.

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