South Korea

South Korea has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. The amazing culture, food, and shopping is just the beginning of why you should add this destination to your list as well. I will be going through a photo-series, which include visits to Seoul and Pyeoungtaek. Pyeoungtaek is an interesting story because it was my first destination, yet the most unforgiving, when you don’t know the language. Going through Seoul will highlight quite a few amazing destinations, food and some tips in getting around. South Korea is full of vibrant culture, exciting night markets, beautiful parks and of course amazing South Korean Cuisine!


Everyone should enjoy travel in some way, during their lives. The best education in the world is going abroad and experiencing cultures, other than your own. As always to get the latest updates, from my visits, make sure you follow Keep The Eats on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

You can also check out restaurants, hotels, and other businesses I visit along the way by visiting the Keep The Eats Link List!

Thank you and remember to always Keep The Eats!

Patrick Lucas
Keep The Eats
Blogger/Content Curator

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