Taiwan Revisited Series: “Mango Cha Cha”

I was trying to figure out where to start for this very special series, and after careful consideration, I decided to do the Cha Cha… lol. The Mango Cha Cha! The people of Taiwan generally consists of a vibrant culture with traditional Taiwanese roots, Japanese influence and some affinity for Korean Culture as well. Taiwanese culture can be described as friendly, outgoing, inviting and as a visitor, you don’t have to look far to find a helping hand (Maybe learning a little Mandarin, might not be so bad either). Taiwan was the first country I visited overseas, and it was by chance, from a friend that used to teach English as an exchange program, many years ago. I was milling about in my head about a place I wanted to visit first and as usual, London or Amsterdam came to mind as good places to start.

My friend and I were having a conversation one day, and he mentioned he was going back to Taiwan to visit old friends, from when he lived there several years ago. For whatever reason, (Probably the Stiff Old Fashioned I was drinking) I piped up and said: “I would like to go with you!” It was not long after that, I booked my hotel, an Airbnb Flat in Taipei, and my ticket on United and China Airlines. It was not long after that, that I was packed and ready to visit a world, in which I knew very little about. Asia has always fascinated me, however, it seemed like a place where I needed to have a bit more experience before one would simply jump right in. Well, I was very, very wrong, however, some of those stories will be for a different day, and you will have to stay tuned for that!

So anyway… Back to The “Mango Cha Cha.”

Taipei, Taiwan, Mango, Ice Cream, Mango Ice Cream, Taiwanese, Mango Cha Cha, Visit Taiwan
Mango Cha Cha, Taipei, Taiwan.

This picture is every bit as good as it looks! You have fresh mangos, mango shavings, mango ice cream and what the heck… let’s throw some Lucky Charm Style Marshmallows into the mix. It’s placed on top of the shaved ice, which is covered in what I was told, was a liquid brown sugar. Trust and believe, if you are a mango freak, then this dish is for you! Mango Cha Cha does not mess around with their name, as it is every bit of mango madness as you can take.

Mango Cha Cha, Visit Taiwan, China Airlines, Taipei Taiwan, Food Lover, Mango, Mango Ice Cream, Taiwan Food, Eat Taipei
The logo for Mango Cha Cha in Taipei, Taiwan.

The cool story behind this was it was one of the first things I ate, during my time in Taiwan. It was an amazing, friendly, vibrant introduction to some of the incredible feelings and experiences you can have when visiting Taiwan. Taiwan is a lot like this Mango Dish, which is a bright, fun, cheerful and tasty representation of the expansive world of this amazing country. When you visit, make sure you come to do a little bit of the “Cha Cha” at Mango Cha Cha.

One of the best ways to experience food in Taipei, Taiwan is to take a night tour! It is only a couple of hours, but you will an amazing guide, amazing eats and a fast pass, right to some of the most amazing Taipei Night Market Cuisine.

Night Market, Taiwan, Food, Taiwan Food, Taipei Food, Taiwan Tours, Taiwan Travel
Night Market

Stay tuned for more stories of fun, food, and culture, from the Keep The Eats: Taiwan Revisited Series! Make sure you visit our Link List to get access to all the places and businesses we visit!

If you would like “Keep The Eats” to visit a destination, restaurant, hotel or check out an airline or travel arrangement in your city, please fill out the contact box below! We would love to chat!

Thanks for reading and always remember to “Keep The Eats!”

Patrick Lucas
Keep The Eats
Lead Content Creator/Blogger


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