Top 5 America’s Best Ramen Restaurants

Ramen has become increasingly popular over the years, and for a good reason. The keyword ramen near me has about a hundred million searches per month, and with that popularity, Ramen Restaurants have been popping up all over the country. I have visited a ton of ramen restaurants, and have done my best to narrow it down to my favorites.

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Please note; these are places that I have personally visited, and these are my opinions. I am sure everyone has a favorite ramen restaurant, they love, and that is great! Feel free to send me info or a comment, and perhaps I will go check them out.

When looking for the best ramen restaurant near me, I generally look for a place that has fresh noodles, flavorful broths, and simple menus. I tend to discover the best ramen places, have the most straightforward menus. What they do serve, generally comes with a lot of dedication to developing those fantastic ramen noodle flavors.

Ok, so let’s cut to the chase! Here is the Keep The Eats: Top 5 America’s Best Ramen Restaurants!

Please note, these are not in any particular order of who is better than the other. All are equally good, so if these ramen places are near you, you really can’t go wrong.

Ramen Kobo – Las Vegas, NV.
Ramen Kobo in Las Vegas has quite the reputation. If the line out the door is not a big enough sign for you, then maybe watching them make fresh noodles right in front of your face, might do the trick. Their menu is quite simple with the classic Tonkotsu Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, and a mouthwatering Miso Ramen. Once you finally get in, you will know the wait was worth it when you get a taste of that mouthwatering broth. You can also get a few side dishes as well, which are equally tasty. If you are in Vegas, on the strip, this place is worth the Uber trip! Locals… haha, well… Just check out all my posts on Instagram.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya- Seattle, WA.
I was on a layover in Seattle, visiting a friend, and told him I was interested in some good Ramen. He said come to Kizuki Ramen, and get a place in line because it’s going to be crazy. Seattle is one of America’s gateways from Asia, and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, some of these flavors have taken root. Kizuki Ramen features a menu which will have you quickly licking the bottom of your Ramen bowl. Suggestions include Garlic Tonkatsu and Agedeshi Tofu, although everything else also looked delicious.

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Komatsu – Kansas City, MO.
Looking for Ramen in Kansas City? Don’t worry! We got you covered with the amazing experience at Komatsu in Kansas City, MO. We stumbled upon this place in the dead of winter, desperate for something to warm us up. The atmosphere is very relaxing and gives you that intimate Japanese Ramen Bar experience. Tonkotsu Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, or Miso Ramen, Komatsu has you covered!

Sora Japanese Restaurant – Detroit International Airport, MI.
In my travels, getting stranded in airports was part of life. Knowing where to go to pass the time is essential to keeping your sanity. If you ever get some time in the Detroit International Airport (DTW), then maybe stop in and check out Sora Japanese Restaurant. This place has many different Japanese dishes and some pretty good Ramen. The picture shown is Udon; however, I have had the Ramen, and it is pretty good for airport food. 

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Ohjah Noodle House – Las Vegas, NV.
This noodle house, holds an exceptional place in my heart, as it is my go-to when I crave a quick helping of Ramen in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is full of noodle houses, and this one is for sure one of the better ones. Ohjah Noodle House is part of the Ohjah family of Japanese Steak Houses and has locations throughout the greater Las Vegas area. My favorite dishes are the Tan Tan Men, featuring spicy pork, sprouts, eggs, scallions, and a mouthwatering broth.

Top 5 Brunch Places in Las Vegas

Here is the Keep The Eats: Top 5 Brunch Places in Vegas. Las Vegas is known for being the city of anything, anywhere, and anytime. We all know about the iconic Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street, however, Vegas is also known to be a favorite for brunches. Las Vegas is a melting pot of cultures and food, so you can easily find cuisines from all around the world.

Brunch on the Las Vegas Strip can be seemingly endless. I am going to take you on a journey to some of my favorite local spots. Vegas locals love brunch, and you can see it in breakfast restaurants all over the city. You can pretty much drive in any direction, and find a diner, breakfast restaurant, or a something with a brunch menu. I have come up with some of the best places that I enjoyed and narrowed it down to the top 5.

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Top Five Brunch Places in Vegas:
Please note… These Vegas Brunch Options are all equally good and not specific to their placement in the top five list.


Rosallie Le French Cafe – Las Vegas.
Rosallie Le French Cafe in Las Vegas, NV, is one of the best French cafes, I have ever been to. I stumbled onto this place, looking for a place to catch up on some work, and instantly fell in love. Rosallie Le French Cafe originally began in France in 1983 and since has come over to Las Vegas. They recently opened up another location in Winter Garden Florida. Their brunch menu features breakfast quiches, Eggs Au Gratin, and their famous Croque Rosallie. If you are into the lunch side of things, then you must try their Bree Sandwich.

Mimosas Gourmet – Las Vegas, NV.
If you want the Best Mimosas in Las Vegas, then venture off the strip, and settle into Mimosas Gourmet. They have Mimosas in a variety of flavors and combinations, and The Colossal Super Mimosa, which is big enough for the whole table to share. What about the food? Mimosas Gourmet features one of the most delicious brunch menus in Las Vegas. Some of my favorites are the Chile Verde Eggs, Corned Beef Skillet, and the Chicken and Apple Sausage Omelet.

Neighbors – Las Vegas, NV.
If you are looking for the best farm to table Brunch Option, then you have come the right place. Neighbor’s dedication to fresh, healthy, mouthwatering brunch options, is second to none. This place will be bustling over the weekend so you will need to get in early to avoid the wait. Some notable breakfast favorites are the Breakfast Burrito Bowl, ShakShuka (poached farm eggs, slow stewed tomatoes, bell pepper, Fresno chili, feta, side of toast), and my personal favorite – The Pacific Smoked Salmon Toast.

Peg’s Glorified Ham N’ Eggs – Las Vegas, NV.
When you read the history about Peg’s Glorified Ham N’ Eggs Las Vegas, you quickly get a sense of how much dedication goes into this place. You simply cannot be a Vegas local, and not have a love for Peg’s Glorified Ham N’ Eggs. My favorite dishes are Peg’s Glorified Huevos Rancheros, Corned Beef Hash & Eggs, and Joe’s Scramble.

Baby Stacks Cafe – Las Vegas, NV.
You can’t visit Las Vegas, without making a stop at Baby Stacks Cafe. They feature some of the best traditional brunch dishes while throwing in an international flare. Favorite brunch dishes include the Portuguese Sausage and Eggs, Red Velvet Pancakes, and Lola Rick’s Adobo Fried Rice. They have two locations in Las Vegas, both of them are amazing.

Baby Stacks Las Vegas

Well, that does it for this edition of Keep The Eats: Top 5 Brunch Places in Vegas. Hopefully, you get a chance to get off of the strip and support some of these fantastic Las Vegas Local Brunch Spots. If you want Keep The Eats to check out your location, then send us a message! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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As always, stay hungry, and always remember to Keep The Eats!
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Things to do in Seattle

When thinking of things to do in Seattle, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Seattle offers an experience in culture, beauty, adventure, and a range of culinary adventures as well. With so many things to do in Seattle, it can be a little overwhelming but don’t worry, you can do everything quickly and within budget.

The city of Seattle offers a limitless supply of adventures, beauty and culinary delight.
The Great City of Seattle

There are many free things to do in Seattle, such as exploring the vibrant downtown districts, and of course the fantastic and delicious, Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is the ultimate Seaside Farmers Market experience. Pike Place Market, offers waterside fish vendors, crafters, and of course some of the tastiest pacific style chowder in the country.

Pikes Place Market is one of the most famous markets in the world.
Pikes Place Market

Things to do in Seattle on a budget?

When it comes time to spend some money, you don’t have to break the bank. Many people try to visit all of the fantastic Seattle experiences and usually pay for these experiences as you go. This can add up quickly; however, there are options which can save you a ton of money. City Pass can give you access to all the things to do in Seattle, and for a reasonable price.

The Seattle Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Harbor Cruises, Seattle Museums, Woodland Park Zoo, are all fantastic things to do in Seattle. These attractions can be put together into one money-saving pass. When I was a Flight Attendant, we traveled the world, while staying on a budget. When visiting cities like Seattle, we became really familiar with finding deals on Seattle Attractions.

Let me introduce you to the Seattle City Pass.

Seattle City Pass
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The Seattle City pass is bundling all of the Seattle attractions together, for a small fee. Get the pass, and then you can travel to all of Seattle’s attractions at your leisure. It’s kind of like the all-day-unlimited bus pass for Seattle’s most popular attractions.

If I told you, that you could visit The Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, A Habour Cruise, The Woodland Zoo, or the Pacific Science Center, all for a one-time. affordable price, you would think I was crazy. What about giving you nine days to visit all of these attractions, while enjoying other things to do in Seattle?

You would think it’s crazy, but it’s not, and now I am going to tell you how.

Seattle Harbor Cruises 50% Off!
50% Off Harbor Cruises

Seattle City Pass does precisely that and caters to those trying to visit Seattle on a budget. Why pay for each attraction daily, when you can bundle them all together, and save a ton of money at the same time. When choosing Seattle City Pass, you want to be a smart traveler. If you are going to Seattle with the family, then you take advantage of Seattle City Pass Discounts, starting at amazing low prices.

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Fresh Seattle Seafood.
Seattle Fresh Seafood

If you are looking for things to do in Seattle, and do it on a budget, then this is seriously the best way to go.

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First-time coffee drinker?

What coffee is right for you? Like Wine and other acquired tastes, coffee has quite a plethora of flavors, textures, and types.

What coffee you drink for the first time, generally depends on how strong you want the coffee, and what you put in it.

Let’s break it down:IF YOU LIKE IT SWEET: If this is you, then you want to go with lighter roasts. You can begin to add sugar and creamer to your liking, or just start sipping slowly and see where things go. Espresso makers, like the X7.1 iperEspresso Machine, allows you to create a variety of coffee creations. Illy coffee does a great job of providing an easy way to make espresso. Their Y3.2 iperEspresso Espresso & Coffee Machine is an easy way to comfortably experiment with espresso.

IF YOU LIKE STRONG AND BOLD: If this is you, then you would want to go with the darker roasts. Espresso with an excellent Crema can help take the edge off. Illy coffee makes some really decadent espresso roasts, which are worth a try. My preference is generally in the bolder category, then I add cream and sugar to make it precisely to my liking. I like coffee flavor but tend to avoid drinking drip coffee black, due to its acidity. Illy coffee makes amazingly smooth espresso roasts, which have a strong aroma, yet finishes smooth.

Y5 iperEspresso Milk, Espresso & Coffee Machine, create an authentic espresso. It also comes with milk frothier & hot water dispenser for Tea. illy espresso machines are some of the best ways in the world to enjoy a cup of fantastic coffee at home.

In my opinion, it all comes down to what you have time for. Traditional Espresso Machines are typically the best for flavor, freshness, and variety. If your lifestyle is more on the go, and having the time to be your own Barista every morning, is kind of far-fetched, then a Coffee pod system like the illy Diamo One Espresso Machine –  may be more for you. Coffee Pod or Capsule technology has significantly improved over the years, giving you an incredible way to enjoy rich espresso quickly and easily.

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illy Coffee offers a variety of amazing rich coffee blends for drip coffee, espresso roasts, and for use with a french press.

Our friends over at illy coffee are pulling out all of the stops. Illy is a great way to drink coffee for the first time, exploring many different varieties. Get a variety pack and get a sampling of everything illy has to offer.

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