Shepherd’s Pie at Metro Diner.

New Menu Item: Shepherd’s Pie at Metro Diner.

Shepherd’s Pie at Metro Diner

When frequenting Metro Diner, one of my favorite go to spots in Vegas, Shepherd’s Pie was not originally on my list. However, seeing how this place rocks out all of their other dishes, I just had to give it a try.

How Metro Diner Does it

Most traditional Shepherd’s Pies have the piped and toasted mashed potatoes, hearty beef stew, and then baked to perfection. Metro Diner’s take on this traditional dish, includes their signature mashed potatoes (used on several other signature dishes) beef, pork, peas and veggies, and topped with cheese.

They then bake everything together, in which, produces a bubbling hot presentation in the end. The flavors were on point, however, we feel it was a bit too much on the greasy side. This is a very different take on the traditional version, however, it’s for sure something to try for yourself.

The Best Tomato Bisque

Metro Diner Tomato Bisque

Tomato Bisque from Metro Diner was a pleasant surprise. I don’t usually choose this soup outright, however, after some convincing from the waitress, I gave in. The flavor of this soup was fresh, seasoned to perfection, and full of the soul warming aroma you would expect from a soup like this. It was a the best tomato bisque I have had in a long time. Maybe check it out the next time you stop by.

Breakfast At Metro Diner

This is a new menu Item and I am sure they would not mind you stopping in to take on this amazing Metro Diner Creation! If you are a breakfast person, then this is for sure a place to visit. I personally love their Original Eggs Benedict and western omelette.

If you are a local to Vegas or visiting, make Metro Diner one of your stops! Metro Diner also has locations throughout the United States. Check their website for their location list.

Until Next Time!

Stay Hungry!

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