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About Us: Discover the Savory World of Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog

Welcome to Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog, your premier destination for all things food and travel. Born from my passion for delectable discoveries in 2014, this platform has evolved from a personal blog into a burgeoning hub for culinary enthusiasts, travelers, and connoisseurs alike. Keep The Eats stands as a vibrant promotion point for food-related services, bloggers, appliances, and more, aiming to spice up the way you experience food and travel.

Meet the Founder: Patrick Lucas

I’m Patrick Lucas, the founder of Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog. With over 20 years in the airline industry, my extensive travel experience and access to global destinations uniquely position me to provide diverse and rich content for this blog. My passion for cooking and traveling drives Keep The Eats, allowing me to review a wide array of food and travel-related services and products with a discerning eye.

Our Commitment to Quality Content

At Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog, we aim to serve our readers with high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and trustworthy. Our articles, reviews, and recommendations are carefully curated to ensure they provide real value. We emphasize an easy reading experience, free from intrusive pop-up or flash ads from third-party companies, focusing instead on simple links and reviews on products and experiences that matter to you.

Engagement & Growth

Merging the power of digital presence with a robust community, Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog extends its reach through a well-followed Instagram, interactive Facebook groups like “Quarantine Cuisine,” and networks that bring food lovers together. With about 1,700 followers on Instagram, I maintain a micro-influencer status, creating a ripple effect of culinary inspiration.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Having previously partnered with renowned names like Blue Apron and Instant Pot, I am on an ambitious journey to re-establish these affiliations and forge new ones. This platform seeks to collaborate with meal kit and meal plan delivery services, wine delivery services, and more. My goal is to provide our audience with a curated directory of recommended restaurants, insightful cooking appliance reviews, and a taste of the best in culinary innovation.

Celebrating Local Flair

One of our key focuses is spotlighting the local flair of food and travel. By highlighting local eateries, hidden gems, and unique travel experiences, we aim to give our readers a sense of place and community. We believe that exploring local cultures and cuisines enriches our lives and broadens our understanding of the world.

What’s Cooking?

The Keep The Eats Food & Travel Blog website promises a fresh feast for the eyes with its engaging blog content and stylish design. This platform highlights partnerships, expands our directory of culinary delights, and dives deep into food and travel experiences that tantalize the taste buds.

Future Bites

With the launch of our YouTube channel and plans to expand into national and international food networks, Keep The Eats is geared up to serve a global audience. My goal is to engage in specific collaboration content that not only showcases culinary excellence but also fosters a community of food enthusiasts eager to explore the world through their palates.

Join Us on This Flavorful Journey

I am actively seeking to partner with food and travel-related affiliates who share my passion for culinary exploration and innovation. Whether you’re in the business of meal delivery, run a restaurant, or are a blogger with a taste for adventure, Keep The Eats offers a platform to amplify your reach and connect with an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Let’s cook up something unforgettable together. Explore partnership opportunities with Keep The Eats and become part of a growing movement that celebrates the joy of food and the thrill of discovery.

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